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Mission & Goals


The Human Services Administration shall serve as the eyes and ears of the public sector, facilitating and advising elected officials, funding sources, and the community at-large in the areas of human services and its delivery system. Its purpose shall be to guide this community to respond to human needs in a collaborative, cost efficient, and expedient manner with available resources; and to assist in generating new resources when necessary.


  1. To address critical issues in health/human services which are positively and negatively impacting this community.
  2. To strengthen the governance of non-profit organizations in Lincoln, Lancaster County, NE.
  3. To educate the general population regarding the status and value of our human services and juvenile justice systems.
  4. To reduce the number of youth, especially minority youth, entering our juvenile justice system through primary prevention, early intervention and education.
  5. To maintain financial stability for health and human services accessing a balance of local, state and federal dollars.
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