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Run Aways and Truancy

The Run Response/Truancy Prevention is a group of professionals that address the problems surrounding runaway and truant youth in Lincoln/Lancaster County. This committee examines data on runaway and truant youth, redefines polices impacting these populations and researches and implements programs to divert these populations from entering the juvenile justice system.

General Purpose Statement: To decrease truancy and runaway incidences through a collaborative effort with the schools, service providers, and law enforcement.

Measurable Objectives:

  • Decrease the number of youth who run away by increasing intervention efforts that address issues causing youth to run away
  • Increase the overall school attendance rate through prevention and intervention efforts

Key Projects:

  • Truancy Court and/or Intervention Project
  • Run Away Placement
  • Truancy Prevention Programs
  • Run Away Assessments


Sara Hoyle, Juvenile Justice Coordinator
Phone: (402) 441 - 8495

Lancaster County Youth on Run Statistics 

Lancaster County Truancy Statistics -

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