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Juvenile Probation

Nebraska Probation District 3J is the Juvenile Probation Office serving Lancaster County. The Juvenile Probation Officers complete pre-disposition reports, supervise juveniles on probation, supervise juveniles placed on temporary house arrest or conditional release, and conduct intake detention screenings. The Juvenile Probation Office supervises 800-900 youth per year and completes over 800 pre-disposition reports per year for the Juvenile Court judges.

The Mission of the Juvenile Probation Office is to:

Serve the Lancaster County Separate Juvenile Court by providing quality risk assessments and court reports on youth adjudicated in Juvenile Court, and serve the Court and community by providing a sound framework for change through the balance of accountability and enhancing the strengths of youth and families.

Home Detention/Conditional Release Program

The Juvenile Probation Office has 2 probation officers who are county-funded and specifically monitor youth as a conditional release from detention while pending their next hearing. These 2 officers supervise juveniles who have been placed on electronic monitoring by the Juvenile Court or have been placed on a conditional release without the monitor. The Home Detention Program supervises over 300 youth per year and utilizes the Expediter and Graduated Sanctions programs to assist youth with programming and structure during their pending court status.

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