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Juvenile Substance Abuse

The Juvenile Substance Abuse Action Coalition (SAAC) is a group of treatment providers and juvenile justice professionals that address the problems surrounding juveniles with mental health and substance abuse issues.

General Purpose Statement: To remove barriers to the successful management of juvenile offenders with substance use issues and provide youth and their families' maximum support to overcome these issues.

Measurable Objectives:

  • To increase communication among treatment programs, criminal justice agencies, schools and parents and increase the education of families regarding treatment for these youth
  • To decrease the number of youth with treatment issues that are involved with the criminal justice system by increasing access to the appropriate level of treatment
  • To decrease the barriers and difficulties families face
  • To decrease the funding barriers for treatment

Key Projects:

  • SCIP Expansion Program
  • Funding for Treatment
  • Training/Communication
  • Assessment Center Evaluations


Becky Steiner, Juvenile Justice Coordinator
Phone: 441 - 8495

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