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Road Closings

Road Closings Map

Week Beginning on June 29, 2016

N.W. 56th Street
(West "O" Street - Holdrege Street)
Bridge Replacement July 2016
West Pioneers Blvd.
(S.W. 112th Street - S.W. 98th Street)
N-19: Bridge Closed Closed Indefinitely
Bluff Road
(North 27th Street - North 40th Street)
G-144: Bridge Closed Closed Indefinitely
Firth Road
(South 54th Street - South 68th Street)
X-205: Bridge Replacement November 1, 2016
North 141st Street
(Rock Creek Road - Agnew Road)
A-79: Bridge Closed Road Closed To Through Traffic Indefinitely
North 190th Street and Fletcher Avenue
(Intersection Closed to Through Traffic)
Cass County Bridge Work August 15, 2016
North 134th Street
(Alvo Road - Amberly Road)
New Paving August 15, 2016
Gage Road
(NE HWY 43 - South 148th Street)
Road Maintenance July 5, 2016
N.W. 84th Street
(West Bluff Road - West Waverly Road)
Road Maintenance Closed: July 5, 2016
North 162nd Street
(Mill Road - Raymond Road)
H-207: Bridge Repair Closed: July 5, 2016 - Expected Completion August 3, 2016
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