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Hallam NE, May 2004
Hallam NE, May 2004
Photo courtesy of William T. Hark

The Challenge
Preparing for a disaster or serious local emergency is especially difficult and yet extremely important for persons who are frail, homebound, disabled, or health impaired. A disaster can disconnect vitally important in-home services and support. Additionally, many vulnerable Nebraska residents will also need special accommodations in the course of rescue, evacuation, or sheltering after a disaster.

A New Answer
The Special Needs Registry enables more vulnerable persons to lock information away about their health, limitations, and location. In a disaster, the Registry is unlocked and information is provided to emergency response agencies. The result is improved disaster services for persons who need special care and accommodations.


After a Disaster

Additional Information

Please Note
Registration does not guarantee that you will receive help first in a disaster. Emergency workers must help victims as they are discovered. But, if you are enrolled in the Special Needs Registry, emergency workers will understand your need for additional assistance and know the location of your residence.

All citizens should plan to be self-sufficient for at least
2 to 5 days with supplies including food, water, and medications. Always call 911 in a personal emergency.

Started in a joint effort by: Lancaster County Emergency Management, City of Lincoln Aging Partners and Information Services.

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