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Emergency Management

Emergency Operating Center (EOC)

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Operations Center is the product of a joint effort by Federal, State, County and City Civil Defense officials. It was constructed in 1968-69 as part of the then new City-County Building under a federal program that provided 50% matching funds for state and local emergency operating center development. It is designed to serve as the seat of city and/or county government during disaster operations; the place from which coordinated disaster response and recovery operations are managed. The original plans for the City-County Building were modified to accommodate the Emergency Operating Center (EOC) on the lower level, the radio antenna mast on the roof and the emergency power, water and air handling systems. The EOC is fallout safe in that the exposure level to radiation inside is less than 1/200 of the exposure level outside the building. The total cost for which federal matching funds were secured amounted to more than $180,000.

The EOC underwent major remodeling in 1978 to accommodate a new City-County 911 Communication Center. Federal funds totaling nearly $135,000 were obtained from six different agencies for the remodeling project. City-County funds for the project amounted to $20,000.

The EOC provides working space for key governmental, private and volunteer personnel and essential communications facilities. The Chief Executive of the City or County can speak from the EOC directly to citizens of the area over the Emergency Broadcast System that links all area radio and television stations. Auxiliary two-way base station radio are provided for the County Engineer, Rural Fire Districts, Emergency Medical Service, Lincoln Electric System and Civil Defense. A new 800 MHz trunking radio system serves the remaining city and county agencies and has built-in redundancy and emergency power at other sites. The 800 MHz system controller is located within the extended EOC. Windstream has a dedicated phone line to its regular base station radios. Plug-in telephones are provided for all major agencies assigned to the EOC.

The EOC can operate independently from the rest of the building having its own kitchen and sanitary facilities. There is standby generator power with automatic changeover and a two-week fuel supply. The fresh water supply is more than adequate for two weeks and the air handling system has its own filtered intake, circulation, heating, cooling and exhaust equipment. The "core area" of the EOC contains the daily use offices of Lincoln- Lancaster County Emergency Management (CD) in addition to the 911/ Communication Center.

The EOC can be and is activated for situations other than major disasters. It is used frequently as the coordinating point for severe weather tracking, spotting operations and as the coordinating point for snow emergency operations. It is staffed at these times only with representatives of agencies involved in these operations.

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