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Do these words Describe you?

Poll Worker Patriotic

If they do, then you would make an excellent pollworker.

Please download the application (PDF 39K) and mail it as soon as possible to:

Lancaster County Election Commission
601 North 46th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68503-3720

Become A Lancaster County Pollworker

The Lancaster County Election Office must appoint an election board to serve in each County precinct on election day. Good pollworkers are a real asset!

We are currently looking for recruits. A pollworker must be a Lancaster County registered voter and be able to work on election day from 7 A.M. until the polls close at 8 P.M.

EMPLOYEES-Once appointed, even if they volunteered, poll workers enjoy the same civil leave protection as those who serve jury duty.-- The employer must allow an employee the time to serve without threat of or loss of personal or holiday pay, sick leave, loss of overtime pay, or any other form of penalty for absence from work when serving as an election poll worker.

Should you decide to become a pollworker, you will be required to attend a training class prior to the next election. You will be paid for each election you work.

Election Board Information

ELECTION HOURS - You must be at the polling site at 7:00 A.M. You may leave as soon as the work is finished after the polls close at 8:00 P.M.

PAY SCALE - Election judges and clerks are paid minimum wage an hour. Inspectors are paid minimum wage plus $.60 per hour. In addition, inspectors receive mileage and $5.00 for picking up and returning supplies.

PAY PERIOD - Your pay check will normally arrive 3-4 weeks after an election.


  1. Good eye sight and hearing.
  2. Able to sit from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.
  3. Inspectors must be able to lift and assemble the voting booths which weigh 18 lbs.

APPOINTMENT PERIOD - Every two years appointments are made for a 2 year term. You are expected to work at every election in that term. In an emergency, you may call the election office and be replaced.

ELECTIONS - City Elections are every 2 years in the odd numbered years in April and May. State and Presidential Elections are every 2 years in the even numbered years in May and November.

TRAINING SESSIONS - Every 2 years all election board members are required by State Law to attend a training session. This will be approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the election, will last from 1-2 hours, and you will be paid for attending. All board members will be given an Election Manual.

INSPECTORS - It is the policy of the Lancaster County Election Office to promote Inspectors from within the election boards (either Judge or Clerk positions). Inspectors are in charge of the polling place election day. They are responsible for supervising board members and informing the election office if any of the election members are not adequately performing their duties.

Prior to an election the Inspectors pick up the supplies, check the polling place to make sure all necessary arrangements are made and call their four board members.

All election supplies must be returned by the Inspectors to the Election Office as soon as the polls close after 8:00 P M.

QUESTIONS - Call Kelli Kraft at (402) 441-7054, or Stop at the Lancaster County Election Board Office at 601 North 46th Street, Lincoln.

Election Commissioner