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Jim Burnstock

Excerpts from comments made by Jim Bunstock, Public Information Officer, for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), at the news conference held Tuesday, June 1:

On NEMA's current and future plans relating to the Lancaster County relief effort:

NEMA's state command post is pulling out of Hallam at 5 p.m. today. Our function down there is pretty much wrapped up. We will be relocating that to Lincoln and it will be available as needed for any further developments. A couple of meetings that are coming up for us in the near future internally that are important for people to know about. On Thursday there will be a federal/state meeting to brief all of the players in this scenario. We'll have federal agencies and all involved state agencies getting together to make sure that everyone is working with the same information. Also Thursday, there will be a Congressional briefing where FEMA and NEMA officials will be speaking with members of the congressional delegations so that they know what exactly is going on.

For those who have had FEMA inspectors look at their property:

You will get an initial letter, and you may get one that says you have no eligibility. Please read the rest of the letter. That does not mean that you will not be getting any funds. That usually means that there is some more information needed regarding insurance, home ownership, etc. Just want to make sure that no one looks at that and tosses it away.

On Adventists Relief Operation:

They have began to shut down their operation to a certain extent. They are no longer accepting donations. Their centers will be open for the rest of this week with the noon until 7 p.m. schedule that they've been following. At the end of this week, they'll reevaluate and see what new hours they need to be open. So far, they've served 129 families in this particular disaster. They'll set up distribution centers at Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church near Hickman and at their 27th and "Y" facility. When they determine what hours they are going to be open for assistance, we'll let the people know.

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