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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • DECEMBER 2018 WINNER - Christina Collins
    General Assistance;
    Category - Productivity & Loss Prevention

Christina Collins, General Assistance Representative, was awarded the Commissioners Award of Excellence for December 2018 for productivity and loss. She was also awarded the 2018 Annual Commissioners Award of Excellence. With the retirement of a General Assistance employee, Christina, who previously processed Account Receivable has added the responsibilities of processing Accounts Payable. She also manages all of the General Assistance clients who are pending social security, social security disability and Medicaid pending which includes reimbursement requests from medical providers and reconciliation of these accounts. She has diligently decreased General Assistance's outstanding account balances from approximately $365,000 to $8,000. Some accounts have been in arrears for years. She worked closely with Information Services staff in the development of a new General Assistance database which has resulted in a streamlined billing process which is more efficient and user-friendly. Since taking on the additional role, Christina has doubled General Assistance revenue through reimbursements from providers resulting in over $300,000 in additional revenue.

Christina Collins(General Assistance) for the December 2018 Award of Excellence ( Sara Hoyle(Human Services Director), Christina Collins and Melanie Ihde(both from General Assistance)

Cynthia Covert, Christina Collins & Sara Hoyle
Sara Hoyle, Christina Collins & Melanie Ihde