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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • OCTOBER 2016 WINNER - Elisha Havick
    County Corrections;
    Category - Productivity

Elisha Havick, Clerk Typist II with Lancaster County Adult Corrections Faculty, received the Commissioners' Award of Excellence for October, 2016 at the November 8th meeting of the Board of Commissioners. Elisha was nominated in the category of productivity by Dennis Wagner.

Since June, 2016, many changes have taken place within the administration of the Lancaster County Department of Corrections. Elisha has taken on and performed exceptionally at many of the new tasks. First, and foremost has been her involvement with the new electronic time sheet system. Due to her knowledge and expertise, the new system quickly achieved peak efficiency, allowing the department to use the reporting functions in the new system that were previously performed manually. This has resulted in the savings of many hours that can be efficiently invested in other pursuits.

Additionally, Elisha assisted Human Resources with streamlining the process for hiring of new employees which has reduced the hiring time frame by two days. Dennis Wagner, Administrative Services Officer states, "Elisha does all this while still maintaining the high caliber of her performance of her other assigned duties. In addition, her tireless work effort, and her everlasting positive attitude causes others who work around her to perform better. She is a true team player who is not afraid to take charge of a situation and get the job done right. "

The Commissioners Award of Excellence recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to Lancaster County.

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