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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • DECEMBER 2015 WINNER - Joslynn McSwine
    County Corrections;
    Category - Safety

Joslynn McSwine, a Corrections Officer in the Lancaster County Department of Corrections, was presented with the Commissioners Award of Excellence Award for December, 2015 at the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners meeting January 19, 2016. She was nominated for this award by Lt. Jane Voboril, Department of Corrections, in the category of Safety.

Ms. Voboril, in her nomination, described a situation that occurred on May 28, 2015 as Ms. McSwine was working in the "S" housing unit control center. The Floor Officer for the area was on break so Officer McSwine utilized cameras, monitors and intercoms to supervise her area. Ms. McSwine noticed that the blankets to the bed in a particular cell had been removed and described a "gut instinct" that this was suspicious. Her attempt to communicate with the inmate via intercom was not successful, however, she did hear an unusual noise. An employee working as a Rover entered the area at that time and Ms. McSwine asked that the Rover check on the occupant in that cell. The Rover discovered that the cell's occupant was attempting suicide by hanging and was able to take necessary actions to prevent a disaster.

Ms. Voboril stated "if not for Officer McSwine's diligent observation this inmate may have suffered permanent injury or death. Her handling of the situation resulted in a timely response from her fellow staff and very likely saved this inmate's life.".

Roma Amundson, Lancaster County Board of Commissioners Chair, stated "On behalf of the Board I am pleased to present you with this award. Your observation and analysis of the situation, and your quick response no doubt prevented a very serious situation. We commend you for going the extra step to ensure the occupant of that cell was safe. You are very deserving of this recognition."

The Commissioners Award of Excellence award recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to Lancaster County.

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