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Commissioner's Award of Excellence

  • 2012 ANNUAL AWARD WINNER - Jason Workman, Juvenile Detention Officer
    Youth Services Center;
    Category - Service

The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners announced the recipient of their 2012 Annual Commissioners Award of Excellence is Jason Workman, a Juvenile Detention Officer at the Lancaster County Youth Services Center. Jason began working for Lancaster County on February 24, 1997, and was nominated for this award by Johanna Machmer, a fellow employee at the Youth Services Center. He is recognized for his outstanding work and dedication to the services the Youth Services Center provides.

Jason has been a long-time employee of the Youth Services Center. In his day to day work he models teamwork. He capably helps staff with technology questions. Jason understands how the facility operates which equips him to respond to requests for assistance in any part of the facility, and he does so on a regular basis. Jason's primary job is to transport youth. In her nomination form, Johanna noted that in Jason's 14 years of service bad weather has never interfered with his getting a youth to the desired location in a safe and timely manner. Joanna further stated "Jason does so much more than shuttle youth to court, placements and appointments. Our customers are the youth and families we serve. Jason deals with both and sometimes under difficult conditions. When the outcome of a court appearance is not what was expected or desired, Jason's interpersonal skills are of great benefit. He can empathize but also finds a way to respectfully challenge the youth to examine what they could do differently or to make a good decision. Add in his calm demeanor and typically an upset youth will settle down."

Brent Smoyer, Vice-Chair of the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners, stated "The Board is pleased to recognize Jason with the 2012 Commissioners Annual Award of Excellence and thank him for his outstanding work and dedication to the services provided at the Youth Services Center. Jason is an asset to the facility and to the youth and families he encounters. On behalf of the Board I want to congratulate Jason on this award". The Commissioners Award of Excellence award recognizes employees who consistently provide outstanding service and work that demonstrates exemplary personal commitment to Lancaster County.