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  • R-18-0001 - County Text Amendment No. 17014 amending the Lancaster County Zoning Resolution and the Lancaster County Subdivision Resolution to require submittal of CAD (Computer Aided Design/Drafting) files for certain subdivision and zoning applications, as provided in Attachment A.
  • R-18-0002 - County Text Amendment No. 17018 amending the Airport Zoning map and making other miscellaneous changes to Article 18, as provided in Attachments A and B.
  • R-18-0003 - County Special Permit No. 17043, excavation on property generally located at Southwest 112th Street and West Van Dorn Street, Lancaster County, Nebraska.
  • R-18-0004 - Recognizing Lancaster County as an Annie E. Casey Foundation Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative site.
  • R-18-0005 - Elected Official Chief Deputy Salary increases for the 2018 calendar year.
  • R-18-0006 - Proclaiming February 20, 2018 as 4-H Achievement Day.
  • R-18-0007 - Witness fees paid by Lancaster County, which have remained unclaimed for six months or more.
  • R-18-0008 - Approving the salary increase for Dr. Sanat Roy, Clinical Director of the Lancaster County Crisis Center, from $167,983 to $172,183, effective December 19, 2017.

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