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Property Valuation Protests - Frequently Asked Questions

How is my property value determined?

How do I find property values online?

  • CLICK HERE to access Lancaster County real property information. You can search by parcel ID (PID), owner name and/or property address.

How do I make a change to a real estate record?

What will my property taxes be based on a higher valuation?

How do I file a protest electronically?

  • You will need to set up a MyInterLinc account with a unique user name and password. Once that step is completed, you can file a protest electronically.

How do I know if my electronic protest has been successfully submitted?

  • If the protest was filed successfully, the following message will be displayed: "Your protest, YY-nnnn, has been submitted." You may also call the County Clerk's Office at 402-441-8724 or send an email to to confirm submittal/receipt.

How do I submit additional information/supporting documentation if I filed my protest electronically?

  • Supporting documentation can be submitted to the County Clerk's Office by mail, e-mail, fax (402-441-8728) or hand delivery. Only one copy is required. Documents will NOT be returned so please retain a copy for your records. All protest documents are public records, therefore, please redact any sensitive information, i.e., birth dates, social security numbers, bank/credit card account numbers, etc., prior to submittal.

What happens after a protest is filed?

  • Hearings are scheduled for those who would like to discuss their property with a referee. Additional information can also be presented at this hearing. The referee will consider all testimony and documentation prior to making a value recommendation to the Lancaster County Board of Equalization.

Who are the referees?

  • Referees are impartial professional appraisers or similarly qualified individuals who conduct protest hearings on behalf of the Lancaster County Board of Equalization. They are not county employees.

Is a hearing required?

  • A hearing can be waived if you feel the information you have submitted is sufficient. A referee will still review all information related to your protest prior to making a recommendation to the Lancaster County Board of Equalization.

What dates and times are available for referee hearings?

  • Dates and times vary annually. For more information on this year's referee hearing calendar, please contact the County Clerk's Office at 402-441-8724 or via e-mail.

How long does a hearing last?

  • Residential hearings typically take 10-15 minutes. Agricultural and commercial hearings can take 20-30 minutes or longer.

Can someone else attend my referee hearing?

  • Yes, a representative can attend the referee hearing on your behalf.

Can I reschedule my hearing date and/or time?

  • Yes, if there are available dates/times remaining. Please contact the County Clerk's Office at 402-441-8724 or e-mail as soon as possible to reschedule as there are a limited number of hearings available.

What happens after a hearing?

  • It may take the referee 2-4 weeks to complete the review of your protest. You will be notified in writing of their value recommendation. The Lancaster County Board of Equalization will take final action on or before August 10 on all property valuations which were protested. You will then receive written notice of your final valuation for the current year.

How do I appeal the county's final value decision?

  • Appeals can be filed with the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC). Forms are available from TERC or by calling 402-471-2842. A copy of your final value letter from the Lancaster County Board of Equalization and a $25 fee must accompany your appeal.
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