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Property Valuation Online Filing & Scheduling

Welcome...please read through these important instructions before proceeding with your property valuation protest:

Property Valuation Protests can be filed June 1 to June 30, 2015

In order to file your property protest and schedule your referee hearing online, you must have a MyInterLinc User ID. There is also a way to retrieve your forgotten User ID & Password. If you have forgotton your User ID or password, click here now. Please retain your User ID and password as you will need them to track your protest once it has been submitted. If you have questions regarding this procedure, please feel free to contact our office at (402)441-8724. Your information will ONLY be used for the protest process.

Upon entering your Parcel ID, please verify the owner information.

If you are NOT the owner but rather an attorney, employee or other individual representing the property owner, you MUST check "no" and enter your contact information.

If you are the owner but a different name appears, please verify that you have entered the correct parcel ID. If the ID is correct but the owner name is still different, please contact our office at (402)441-8724 for assistance. It is likely the property records have yet to be updated following a recent sale.

You are required to include the reason for your protest.

Please be assured that your e-mail address will only be used by our office to remind you of your referee hearing date/time or to contact you with questions regarding your protest.

With regard to referee hearings, you are able to select a convenient date and time when filing your protest electronically. Hearings will be held beginning mid-June and continue through mid-July. Some evening and weekend dates/times will be available.

In order to submit your single electronic protest, you will be required to select a hearing date/time. If that particular date/time is not convenient or you need to reschedule your hearing prior to that date, please contact our office at (402)441-8724. The Clerk's Office will schedule hearings for those filing multiple (more than one) protests or for those who do not file electronically. You will also have the option of waiving your hearing whereby the referee will consider your protest in absentia.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to statutory deadlines, those filing early (prior to June 23) will have the best chance at rescheduling their referee hearing if the need arises. The Clerk's Office will make every attempt to accommodate all such requests. But, please keep in mind that it may not be possible to reschedule hearings for those filing protests toward the end of June due to the time constraints set forth by State Statute.

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