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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: January 9, 2018

For more information contact
Ann Ames, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
(402) 441-7496

Lancaster County Encourages Property Owners To Participate In Preliminary Valuation Informal Hearings

Lincoln, NE - January 9, 2018 - On January 9, 2018 Lancaster County preliminary real property values for 2018 were posted on the Lancaster County Assessor's website. Nebraska law gives real property owners the right to meet in person with a representative from the Assessor's Office to discuss how the preliminary value was determined and to provide information to the Assessor relevant to the property value.

The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners urges all real property owners in Lancaster County who have any questions about the 2018 preliminary value for their property to take advantage of this process and schedule an informal meeting with a staff appraiser in the Assessor's Office.

Real property owners who want to schedule an informal hearing with the Assessor's Office should note the following dates and deadlines:

  • January 9, 2018 - Preliminary 2018 real property values will be posted on the Lancaster County Assessor's website ( or or (Keyword/Search: AssessorValue)
  • January 15 through February 1, 2018 - Informal hearings must be scheduled by real property owners during this time frame by contacting the Assessor's Office. This can be done online by selecting your property from the Assessor's website listed above and click on "Appeal" or by telephone.
  • To schedule an informal hearing date and time, please contact the Assessor's Office no later than February 1, 2018 via:
    1. Online: Select your property from the website above and click on "Appeal"; or
    2. By phone at 402-441-7463
  • If you wish to have a hearing for multiple properties, you must schedule by phone, as the online option is for single-property appointments only.
  • Informal hearings will begin January 22, 2018 and end March 1, 2018. At this hearing, you may provide relevant information as to why you believe the valuation of your property should be modified.
  • Final real property values will be determined after conclusion of the informal preliminary value hearings and will be posted on the Assessor's website on or before March 26, 2018.
  • On or before June 1, 2018 final valuation notices will be mailed to real property owners whose real property value has changed from 2017 to 2018.
  • Formal valuation protests can be filed from June 1 through June 30, 2018. Information regarding the formal protest process will be available on the Lancaster County Clerk's website ( or (Keyword/Search: Protest).
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