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News Release

Lancaster County
Date: February 25, 2016

For more information contact
Dave J. Shively
(402) 441-7311

Election Commissioner Announces Polling Place Changes
for May Primary and November General Elections

Lincoln -- Lancaster County Election Commissioner David Shively announced today that new polling place cards will be mailed to voters in thirty-two precincts in Lancaster County on Thursday, February 25th because of changes in the name of their precinct or to their polling location. Voters in those precincts should start to receive the cards in the next three to five days. The cards will be easily recognizable as they will have a bright green star on them.

Shively recommends that voters in those precincts destroy any old polling place cards that they may have in their wallets, purses or at home and replace them with the new cards they will receive. Voters should review the card to make sure they understand where their polling location is located. In some cases the location may have changed while in other cases it may have remained the same. Voters are not required to present the polling place card when they cast their ballots but they will need to vote at the correct location. Retaining the new card as a reminder is important.

Shively indicated the following reasons for changes:

  1. Growth in the City of Lincoln.
  2. Merging of precincts in two areas of the City of Lincoln where voters of two precincts voted at the same location.
  3. An area in Northeast Lincoln where six voting precincts were reduced to four. This will help balance the number of voters in each precinct.
  4. Changes in the polling locations for some precincts.

Shively reminded voters planning to attend the Democratic Party Caucus on March 5th to not confuse their Election Day polling location with the location of their caucus. Democratic Party voters need to check with the Democratic Party regarding the location of their caucus site.

Voters with questions regarding this matter should contact the Election Commissioner's office at (402) 441-7311.

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