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Fee Schedule

Fee Type Fee Amount
Marriage License $25.00
Certified Copy (Marriage License) $9.00
Certified Copy (Other) $1.50 per page
Copies (paper) $.25 per page
Copy/Research Services $20.00 per hour (for services over 4 hours)
Amusement License $10.00
Audio/Video Recording (CD/DVD) $5.00
Liquor License Varies
Locksmith Certificate $5.00
Miscellaneous Filing $5.00 per page
Single Status Certification $5.00
Special Designated Liquor License $80.00 per application
Tobacco License $10.00
Transcript $3.00 per page
Transcript Certification $3.00 per transcript
Zoning and Subdivision Fees Varies

Payments must be made in cash, check or money order or credit/debit cards and must be paid in advance. The total amount of your credit/debit card transaction will reflect a service fee of a minimum of $1.00 or 2.35% per transaction whichever is larger.

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