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1998 Regular Agendas & Minutes

            Lancaster County Board of Commissioners
                 County Commissioners Chambers
               First Floor, County-City Building
                     Tuesday, May 12, 1998
           Immediately Following Regular Meeting

Commissioners Present:  Linda Steinman, Chair
                        Kathy Campbell
                        Larry Hudkins
                        Steve Svoboda
                        Darlene Tussing

       Others Present:  Norm Agena, County Assessor
                        Kerry Eagan, Chief Administrative Officer
                        Kandra Hahn, County Clerk
                        Robin Hendricksen, Chief Deputy Assessor
                        Tom Kubert
                        Wayne Kubert



     Tom Kubert, appraiser, appeared and informed the County
     Board there are four elementary schools which are air
     conditioned that would be available, however, it is possible
     that Southeast Community College (SCC) can be used.  He
     stated he had been informed that the current session at SCC
     ends June 10 and will not begin again until July 15.  Kubert
     noted that the referee hearings can be held in the business
     wing of the school, adequate parking is available, the
     building is air conditioned and hours of use would not be a
     problem.  Kubert recommended the Board hold the referee
     hearings at Southeast Community College.

     Kubert stated the next step would be for the County to
     contact Southeast Community College regarding usage and
     coordination of offices.

     The Board voiced no objections.

     Kubert stated he would work with Kerry Eagan in negotiating
     the use of Southeast Community College for referee hearings.

     Discussion followed regarding procedures for filing a protest.

     Kubert asked the County Board if they want to proceed with
     the general statement notifying the filer that data needs to
     be provided at the referee hearing contradicting the
     Assessor's valuation.

     It was the consensus of the Board to proceed with the
     general statement.

     Campbell asked if a taxpayer should get a hearing before the
     Board of Equalization if they didn't appear at their referee

     Robin Hendricksen, Chief Deputy County Assessor, stated
     there are not a great number of cases where the taxpayer has
     missed their referee hearing and that he would assume the
     Board would continue to hear those when the taxpayer has
     information which hasn't been submitted.

     Campbell suggested taxpayers check in prior to their
     scheduled time with the Board of Equalization and request
     that new information be in writing.

     Kandra Hahn, County Clerk, stated there is already an
     informal check in the system in place.

     Kubert stated with the possible volume of protests this year
     it will be more important to be organized and suggested
     setting up a room and retaining a referee during Board of
     Equalization hearings.  If a taxpayer missed their original
     hearing they would then have a hearing with the referee
     instead of going before the Board of Equalization.

     Campbell asked if it was possible to ask taxpayers that they
     appear for their hearing approximately 15 minutes early in
     order to check in.

     Wayne Kubert, appraiser, stated he felt it was possible, but
     it would take more manpower.  He noted that a market data
     sheet will be provided for taxpayers who want the referee to
     consider another property in relationship to their property.

     Campbell asked if anything had transpired, from a legal
     standpoint, regarding protests.

     Agena stated only the JC Penney case.


     Kerry Eagan, Chief Administrative Officer, indicated there
     are seven or eight individuals interested in the interim
     District Court Clerk position.  He noted there are three
     individuals, who are not running for the office, who would
     be qualified.  Those individuals are Beth Tallon, Shirley
     Crocker and Cindy Paul.  The latter two are currently
     employees in the District Court Clerk's office and Beth
     Tallon was recommended by Joe Steele, State Court

     Eagan recommended interviews be held with the three individuals.

     Hudkins stated he was concerned that if an individual is
     chosen from within the office that it will create a vacancy
     or shortage of staff.  He stated if there is a qualified
     individual who is recommended by the State Court
     Administrator's office he didn't see the need to hold
     interviews if the Board is satisfied with the individual's

     Campbell suggested Kerry Eagan contact Judge Merritt and
     another District Court judge to set up an interview with
     Beth Tallon and come back to the County Board with a
     recommendation to the County Board.


     Eagan stated he had visited with Kent Morgan, Planning
     Department, regarding the Wilderness Park Sub-Area Plan.  He
     stated he has completed a draft of a letter to the City and
     the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District requesting
     financial contributions for the two components
     (transportation and hydrology aspects of the study) which
     the County is unable to fund.

     He asked the Board if there is anything specific they would
     like Morgan to be prepared on for the Common meeting on
     Friday, May 15, 1998.

     Eagan stated they can discuss the funding issue at the
     Common meeting.

     Campbell suggested that they inform the City and the Lower
     Platte South Natural Resource District that they are looking
     for some assistance in outside funding and that they will be
     receiving a letter to consider in their budgets.


     MOTION:  At 2:50 p.m. Tussing moved and Hudkins seconded to enter
              into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing
              potential litigation.  On call Hudkins, Campbell, Tussing,
              Steinman and Svoboda voted aye.  Motion carried.

     MOTION:  At 3:03 p.m. Tussing moved and Hudkins seconded to exit
              Executive Session.  On call Tussing, Svoboda, Hudkins,
              Campbell and Steinman voted aye.  Motion carried.


     MOTION:  Tussing moved and Campbell seconded to adjourn.  On call
              Campbell, Hudkins, Svoboda, Tussing and Steinman voted aye.
              Motion carried.

Kandra Hahn
Lancaster County Clerk

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