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Parks and Recreation

Recreational opportunities and the availability of open play space are important in enhancing a community's "quality of life". The community's role in adequately planning for open space and providing a full range of recreational opportunities directly impact community and economic development activities.

The Bennet city park, a 1.6 acre site, has picnic tables, a picnic shelter with a concrete floor, a small band shell, playground equipment such as a tornado slide, various swings, a merry go round, a sand volleyball court and restroom facilities. Camping facilities are advertised on a sign on Highway 2, and travelers often use the park for overnight camping during the summer months. No special facilities such as hot showers and trailer hookups are offered for campers. The park does have a grassy lawn and many shade trees.

A half block to the west of the park, with a residential strip intervening, is a public T-ball diamond on a half-block site. Concessions and restrooms are located at this park.

The Village ball field is located on the south side of Bennet, near the Legion Hall. The ball field was recently improved with a new outfield fence and electronic scoreboard. This facility has modern restrooms and a concession stand. The development of a second ball field is being explored which would alleviate periodic scheduling problems.

Other recreational facilities are located at the elementary school and include an outdoor basketball/tennis court and playground equipment similar to the Village park.

Public Assembly

Various facilities within the Village of Bennet offer available areas for assembly suitable to a variety of events including family gathering, sporting events and meetings. The Bennet Elementary School offers the use of facilities including meeting areas and the gymnasium for a fee. The Village park and Village ball parks are also available for rent.

American Legion

The American Legion offers rental of their building which includes kitchen facilities. This hall is the site of senior citizen activities. Every Thursday a dinner is sponsored by a Lancaster County program, and twice a month an informal pot luck dinner is held.

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