Lancaster County - City of Lincoln GIS Viewer Mapping Application Help Page:

Navigation Tips:

Map navigation tools are located in the upper left portion of the map. Default navigation tool is Pan. Nav Tip: while in Pan mode, to Zoom In, hold the Shift key down while creating extent box. To Zoom Out while in Pan mode, hold Shift and Ctrl keys down while creating extent box. This will allow you to still Pan in between Zooming without having to change zoom tools! Rolling the mouse wheel will also Zoom In/Zoom Out.

Search Tips:

To perform a search, click on the desired search option in the Header Banner (search by Owner, Address, Intersection, Parcel ID, or Section-Township-Range) and enter criteria then click the Search button. Or, click the Search Icon in the Header Banner to open the Search window. Click on the desired search option (search by Owner, Address, Intersection, Parcel ID, or Section-Township-Range) icon in the title bar of the Search window and enter search criteria. Default search type is Search By Owner.

Map Layers:

Hover over the Map Layers... button in the upper right portion of the map and it will provide the ability to turn on/off map layers. If a layer is checked (on) and is not displaying, Zoom In until desired layer is visible. To change a particular layer's transparency level, click on the slider control next to the layer name to desired level. If a layer is unchecked (turned off), the slider control is not visible.

Map Layer Details:

The Map Layer Details window will provide a symbology legend of the visible map layers. To view a specific map layer symbology in the Map Layer Details window, turn the layer on in the Map Layers window by clicking the desired layer checkbox.

To Turn on Parcel Measurements:

Located in the Map Layers window in the upper right-hand corner of the map area you will find a layer named "Parcel Information" with a check box to the left. To the left of the checkbox you will see an plus sign. Clicking on the plus sign will make visible other layers of data within the Parcel Information category. You will find the checkbox next to the "Parcel Measurements" layer is not checked. Clicking inside the gray box will turn on the parcel measurements. These measurements are approximate and are not to be construed as survey accurate. Please note that if you are zoomed out too far the checkbox will turn a light gray which means that you will need to zoom in further for this layer to be visible.

Draw-Measure Tool:

Measurements: All drawing and measuring capabilities provided are for approximate use only. They are not intended to be construed as survey accurate in any manner.


The Print/PDF window will allow the ability to either print or create a pdf of the red highlighted region in portrait or landscape orientaion. Once at the desired extent and orientation, click the Preview button to generate a print preview. To proceed, click the Print button to print or the PDF button to save the map as a PDF file.