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TRIAD consists of a coordinated effort between the Lancaster Sheriff, the Lincoln Chief of Police and RSVP in Lincoln and Lancaster County who have agreed to work together to reduce the criminal victimization of older citizens and to enhance the law enforcement services to this population.

TRIAD provides the opportunity for the exchange of information between law enforcement and senior citizens. It focuses on reducing unwarranted fear of crime and improving the quality of life for seniors.

TRIAD is a national program, yet each group is organized on a county wide basis, thus it can respond to the unique needs and interests of the community's older citizens. Concentrating on local problems and solutions has many obvious advantages.

TRIAD's major purpose is to develop, expand and implement effective crime prevention, safety and educational programs for seniors in conjunction with law enforcement agencies.

Currently, the Lincoln/Lancaster County TRIAD is focusing on educating older citizens about scams, frauds, and schemes which come to them over the phone, through the mail, over the internet, or at their doors. They are also encouraging seniors to report any other forms of elder abuse, especially self neglect. A speaker's bureau is available for groups interested in learning more about how to prevent becoming a victim and identifying abuse.

TRIAD also sponsors the FILE OF LIFE, a magnetic envelope which goes on the refrigerator, and contains pertinent medical and emergency information of an individual which can be used by the paramedics in case the person is unable to respond directly.

For more information or to schedule a presentation call 441-7743 and leave a message. A representative will return your call.

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