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Off Duty Employment Requests

Off-Duty Employment Requests

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office recognizes that off-duty law enforcement and security work within Lancaster County is a force multiplier. The additional personnel enhance the safety and security of the community we serve. Deputies may be hired by organizations or individuals for law enforcement and security services. These duties are performed outside of a deputy's regular schedule for the Sheriff's Office, but all deputies maintain their full uniform and all arrest powers. Requests by employers for both long-term employment as well as single day events will be considered by the Sheriff.

Anyone hiring an off-duty Deputy must show proof of one million dollars in general liability insurance. Employers must agree to the terms and conditions of employment.

  • The off-duty employment agreement can be downloaded here: Off-duty form.

Organizations that have an interest in hiring an off-duty deputy should contact the Admin Support Captain at (402) 441-8896.

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